Novel Extract: untitled horror story

I've been working on this novel for so long now that going back to it feels stale - I still love the idea, and I love reading what I've done, but the motivation is lacking considering how many other creative things I do. So I've been wondering about turning the story into a series on … Continue reading Novel Extract: untitled horror story

The Only Way Forward: Self Improvement Goals

There will come times in your life when you have to take a step back from everything that you thought you knew and reevaluate. We're all capable of change. It's the honest truth. We all have the potential to be the people we imagine ourselves being in an ideal world; it's just not always that simple or easy to get there. But when everything in the world seems out of your control, yourself and your attitude are the two things that remain in your personal jurisdiction no matter what.

Things That Don’t Define You

There is always another chance. There is always more time for you to take action towards your dreams. No matter who you've been, where you've been or what you've done. Finally I'm on the right track. Life is more of a hunt than anything else. You've got to chase down the things you want; you can't expect them to come to you.

Can You Beat Sleep? How to Sleep Better in 8 Simple Ways

I love to sleep as much as the next person but I haven't had a good night's sleep in longer than I can remember and I've developed all sorts of sleeping problems. Sleeping is like a curse for me: Insomnia, early waking, sleep anxiety, nightmares. On average I sleep just 5 hours of the recommended 8, and … Continue reading Can You Beat Sleep? How to Sleep Better in 8 Simple Ways

10 Tips & Tricks To Beat Writer’s Block

WRITING IS AT THE HEART OF EVERYTHING I DO. I am a writer, pure and simple. I've got three years of hard grinding, a piece of paper and a photograph of myself in a graduation cap to attest to that, not to mention a few years experience dipping my fingers in various ink pots. Now, … Continue reading 10 Tips & Tricks To Beat Writer’s Block